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Bachman has been great to work with! They are always so friendly, and know us by name when we walk in the door. I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks Bachman Jewelers!

-A. Beckman J. Nelson

“We love Bachman Jewelers. Our experience has been the best – we will always be using Bachmans for our needs (and wants)!”

-M. Van Vleet R. Mische

“We had bought jewelry from Bachman’s in the past, so it was a no-brainer when it came to picking out the perfect engagement ring (which she loves), and now our wedding bands. The whole staff there is so friendly and knowledgeable, we definitely wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

-Brandon Dorn & Jeni Blake

“We love my ring and are so thankful we purchased our rings through Bachman’s! We will be purchasing Mitchell’s ring through Bachman’s as well! Could not imagine going anywhere else, they are helpful from afar as well!”
-M. Hagen & E. Lundgren

Thank you Bachman’s for everything! 🙂
-G.J. Chapa

“Bachmans is the best jeweler hands down! They helped us create a one of a kind engagement ring and choose the perfect wedding bands. The customer service is superb and they have truly earned life long customers!”

-C. Erie D. Manthei

“Absolutely awesome people to work with! They are caring and are there for you every step of the way! Bachman’s offers such a variety, I have been a life long customer and I will always go with Bachman’s first!”

-T. Carlstedt J. Mack

“Bachman Jewelers staff is friendly and helpful. They are willing to go the extra mile to make your ring Exactly the way you want it. You never feel any pressure to get something otherwise and they bring your dream ring to life – the prices cannot be beat!”

– S. Blaszak W. Czech

“Bachman’s has been great to work with! The staff and John is extremely helpful and so personable. Mindy helped my fiance and I pick out our engagement ring and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve gone back for other beautiful jewelry including my diamond earring studs. I’m looking forward to picking out more beautiful pieces for the wedding day!”

-K. Ergen S. Kissner

“Thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding so beautiful!”

-D. C. Amundson

“Bachman Jewelers is simply amazing. They helped make the engagement and wedding perfect! Both rings are perfect for us and we couldn’t be happier. Their attention to detail is immaculate and we will recommend them to everyone!”

-​J. L. Erickson​

“Bachman Jewelers was amazing in helping with our engagement and wedding band design. They helped us get exactly what we wanted and there was never anything to worry about. The selection was amazing and the customer service is the best in the business! We will continue to get all of our products through them, including our memory pieces for our new baby girl!”

-M. Scully

“We are beyond happy with our experience with Bachman Jewelers, they will always be our jeweler!”

-Patrick & Lindsie

  • A. Beckman J. Nelson
  • M. Van Vleet R. Mische
  • Brandon Dorn & Jeni Blake
  • M. Hagen & E. Lundgren
  • G.J. Chapa
  • C. Erie D. Manthei
  • T. Carlstedt J. Mack
  • S. Blaszak W. Czech
  • K. Ergen S. Kissner
  • D. C. Amundson
  • ​J. L. Erickson​
  • M. Scully
  • Patrick  & Lindsie